Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions were last modified on June 30, 2017.

Please read these Terms and Conditions completely. By using or accessing the BETACONNECT™ Navigator in any way, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Please do not use the app unless you agree with these conditions.


The myBETAapp™ is a software provided by Bayer AG (“Bayer”) intended to assist patients in keeping track of scheduled injections and, by enabling third party access, allowing healthcare professionals (BetaNurse, HCP/Physician) to assist with the injection schedule by using the BETACONNECT™ Navigator.

The BETACONNECT™ Navigator is intended to be used by Health Care Professionals (HCPs) (e.g. BetaNurses, Physicians) to monitor patient data stored in the BETACONNECT™ Database. The BETACONNECT™ Navigator software in itself does not diagnose or treat any illness. The patient data received from the patient can be viewed in different configurations and shall assist the HCPs to help patients to monitor the treatment prescribed by the patient’s HCP.

As the data is owned by the patients, patients have to consent to the sharing the data with HCPs. If patients do not consent to this data sharing, the HCP will not have access to the patient’s personal data.

No warranty, limitation of liability

No representation is made or warranty given, either expressly or inferred, for the completeness, correctness or functional capability of BETACONNECT™ Navigator.

Bayer is not responsible and shall have no liability for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of BETACONNECT™ Navigator. Bayer cannot be held liable for damage or injury resulting from the use or impossibility of use, especially – but not restricted – in the case of external impacts, e.g. damaged hardware, lack of internet connection, or lack of signal, and shall have no liability for any error, omission or outdated material in BETACONNECT™ Navigator. These limitations do not exclude liability for physical injuries stemming from willful misconduct or gross negligence attributable to Bayer or no-fault liability derived from applicable product liability statutes. Bayer reserves the right to cease marketing the BETACONNECT™ Navigator.